Case Based Scenarios: Evidence Based Teaching Learning Strategy in Nursing Education Pharmacology Course
Zulekha Saleem, Nishat Tabassum, Nimira Asif

Medication administration requires comprehensive knowledge about drug dosage calculation and its related knowledge. In order to build this skill, the curriculum of nursing education includes basic mathematics, drug dosage calculation and a pharmacology course. In our nursing school, during the BScN year two semester II it was identified that few students are encountering problem related to these courses and thus they are not scoring well although it is expected to get 100% in mathematics and drug calculation whereas 70% passing grade is needed in pharmacology. Case based scenarios were planned as a strategy to support the students’ learning. The faculties planned scenarios with integration of pharmacology and drug calculation and prepare some reading material to be send prior to the tutorial. This helped in improving the score of the student. At the same time some challenges were identified that scheduling at the mid of the semester is difficult due to booked venues and faculty hours. Therefore, scheduling extra time for tutorial increased workloads for faculty and students, students at times were not coming prepared for tutorial day. It is advised that such remedial strategies shall be consider in the planning phase of the semester, use of ICT will help in self-directed learning and continuous development of scenario shall be practiced.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v1n2a11