Evaluate of Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programmer Regarding Basic Life Support (BLS) among Nursing Staff in Basra General Hospital
Sundess B. Dwood, Hajar S. Al-Mosawi, Abdulkareem S. Khudhair, Abdulameer A. Al-Mussawi

Background: The most important aspects in Basic Life Support are is nothing but the airway, breathing and circulation. Failure of the circulation for three to four minutes will lead to irreversible cerebral damage. Methods: A cross sectional institutional study was conducted among the nurses the total subjects studied was 50. Organize the data in a master sheet/computer, by using the SPSS (version 19). Results & Conclusion: Highest percentage of the sample were agingnurses group (21-30)years, secondary school graduate, the higher percentage with mal nurse was. There is high significant association between age nurses and education for nurses and knowledge and high significant with knowledge and assessed with questions Basic Life Support and, pretest - posttest for study sample was high significant with knowledge nurses. Recommendations: 1-A large - scale study can be carried out to generalize the finding. 2- A comparative study can be conducted on knowledge and skills of nurses in the other government and private hospitals

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v1n2a12