How do Chinese Male in Hong Kong Perceive Colonoscopy?
Tiu, M.M.H; Lo, C.K.Y; Yuen Shuk Ha; Au Hang Ching; Ho Sze Ling Esther; Chan Pui Wah; Leung Siu Ping; Ng Ka Po; Tsui Man Chi; Yim Wing Chi; Yuen Shuk Hing; Mok Ka Man; Lee Tik Yee

Nowadays, there has been an increased awareness on colorectal cancer (CRC) among the public and colonoscopy is the commonest diagnostic tool for CRC. Literaturesshowed that men have a higher probability of having CRC than women and their mortality rate is also higher. However, little attention has been paid on exploring the perception of colonoscopy among Chinese men by using qualitative studies. In light of the information above, a descriptive qualitative design with a semi-structured interview was selected for this study. Nine Chinese male participants had participated in the study. It was believed that Health Belief Model (HBM) as the framework helped to understand individual differences in health behavior, and designing interventions to change behavior. Thus, the interview questions covered all six aspects of Health Belief Model (HBM). Content analysis was used to analyze the data.The result identified in the study suggested that further promotion of colonoscopy is necessary. By using HBM, a complete picture of the perception of colonoscopy among Chinese male in HK has been discovered.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v1n2a3