Psychoeducation: A Strategy for Preventing Relapse in Patients with Schizophrenia
Celso Pasadas, Francisca Manso

Psycho education in the context of schizophrenia is a technique that aims to improve the understanding of the disease for inpatients and their families, improving their behavior and attitude towards the disease, allowing them to recognize the early signs and warning symptoms that can lead to a relapse. Based on the needs found in one psychiatric and mental health community service in Lisbon it was built a program of psycho education sessions for people with schizophrenia which was held in 2014 during the second stage of the Masters Course in the Nursing Specialization of Mental Health and Psychiatry. The tools used: Sociodemographic Characterization Questionnaire, Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire, Medication Adherence Scale (MARS, 2011), some Outcome Indicators (adapted from NOC, 2008) and the Graffar Scale. The psycho educational program was held in 8 weeks, with a weekly thematic session lasting 60-90 minutes. The sample consisted of a group of 5 patients attending the community center. The evaluation of this program showed an increased level of knowledge about the disease and health resources as well as a positive displacement in terms of some Outcome Indicators such as Participation, Attention and greater Satisfaction with health services. These programs may result in greater health gains.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v2n1a10