Characterization of Adult Patients who Used Disposable Diaper During the Hospital Stay in a Large Teaching Hospital
Mônica Franco Coelho, Danielle Freitas Alvim de Castro, Laís Fumincelli, Alessandra Mazzo

The use of disposable diapers for adults and elderly patients had inserted its use indiscriminately in the hospital, as a facilitator for the nursing care of patients with problems related to urinary and intestinal elimination. However, the insertion of this device has not been accompanied by studies that embase nursing actions. Today, with the increase in the number of hospitalizations of elderly and severely ill adults, it is necessary to know the profile of patients who use the disposable diaper in order to establish strategies of care in order to avoid possible damage caused by their use. The aim of this study was to characterize the profile of adult patients using disposable diapers during hospitalization in a highly complex teaching hospital located in Latin America. This is a prospective, observational study with a sample of 183 patients. There was a predominance of males (62.3%), married (30.1%), mean age 54 years, coming from their residence. The time of use of the disposable diaper, was 10.6 days. Main causes of hospitalization were traumatic disorders, cardiovascular and digestive system. This study stands out the need to improve the quality of care to the adult patient who makes use of disposable diaper.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v2n1a18