Evaluation of a “Mother and Child Healthcare Blog” and post-use satisfaction: A Qualitative Interview Study
González-Hernando, C.RN, PhD; García-Alonso, MM.MD; Vázquez-Fernández, ME.PhD; San José-Arribas, A. RN, PhD; Sanz-Almazán, M. MD; Puebla-Nicolás, E.RN

Objective: to increase the promotion of healthcare education and satisfaction by the use of a mother and child healthcare blog. Design: descriptive study of intervention with following effects measurement. Setting: Primary care center in Valladolid, Spain. Urban. Participants: Blog users. 30 weeks pregnant, 15 days post- delivery, and 3 months post-delivery women. Measurements and findings: a healthcare blog use was measured along 20 months by Google analytics in order to know the users´ level of satisfaction and their internet profile. 334 women were interviewed in three different stages (30 weeks pregnancy, 15 days, and one month postdelivery). First time pregnant, women have used the blog the most frequently and shown a high degree of satisfaction regarding the usefulness of it. Conclusions: we are facing a new type of healthcare education and a new source of information which have many local and international followers. The blog is a powerful and inexpensive mean of communication in mother and child healthcare. Implications for practice: In general, terms, nursing professionals are in charge of an important part of healthcare education. Using the type of initiatives shown in this article, they can leader and make visible their competences through multidisciplinary team work.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v3n1a1