Prevention and Control of Infection: An Advanced Nursing Practice
ALVES, Ana Isabel Gomes; RABIAIS, Isabel Cristina Mascarenhas; VIVEIROS, Abel Mendonça, FREITAS; Carlos Manuel Rebelo

Introduction: The infection associated to health care, assume a worrying dimension with repercussions at several levels. The prevention and control of infections are structural components of quality, determinants in the security context of the patient, however, it is recognized that the beliefs, skills and work dynamics of health professionals, especially nurses, influences the adherence to the recommended practices.Objective: The aim of this study is to clarify the importance of the prevention and control of infection in nursing practice. Material and Methods: A systematic review of the literature by mobilising the descriptors "Hospital Infection", "Prevention and Control" and "Nurs"; using the method peak. Were selected ten databases imaginable, between 2008-2016, included for analysis ten articles.Results and Discussion: It was found that the nurses assume a major responsibility in the implementation of good practices. Many are the factors that influence the accession procedures to implement. The great majority of professionals takes a positive attitude toward the guidelines for a given intervention.Conclusion:It can be concluded that the way each professional understands the guidelines should be analyzed, which justifies the implementation of audits to practices, to optimize and achieve the desired objective, promoting a quality care practice.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v3n1a10