Patient Safety Environment: Perception of Health Care Professionals
Dora Maria Ricardo Fonseca Saraiva, Anabela Antunes de Almeida

The patient safety environment has a major impact on the overall safety of health care. This study was carried out in order to learn more about the perception of health care professionals, with regard to their patient safety environment in hospital. The descriptive study, using a quantitative approach, was carried out between January and March 2015. Data was collected through the questionnaire Safety Attitudes Questionnaire - Short Form 2006, using a sample group of 623 professionals. The results obtained testify in favour of a positive safety environment. The categories of Perception of management and Working conditions presented a number of less positive responses, indicating that these are potential improvement areas for the development of the security environment in the organization. This study serves as a reference for the formulation of policies with a view towards optimizing patient safety, in addition to serving as a frame of reference for future benchmarking.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v3n1a9