Brief Biofeedback Intervention for Stress and Anxiety: a Study with Nursing College Students
Paulo Chaló, Anabela Pereira, Helena Mateus, Patricia Batista, Carla Oliveira

Anxiety and Stress are two disorders with high prevalence among college students, interfering with their performance and quality of life. Biofeedback’s efficacy as a solution to prevent and treat, anxiety and stress among college students was tested in this study. To do this, four groups were formed, based on STAI results. Two groups, one with high and another one with normal anxiety, participated in a 5 weekly biofeedback sessions program. The other two groups, also divided in high and regular anxiety, acted as control groups and were not submitted to any intervention. The participants were assessed with the Trait Anxiety Inventory and the Inventory of Stress for College Students one week before and one week after the biofeedback trial and the results were compared. The results indicate a good potential of biofeedback training on anxiety and stress intervention among college population, representing a simple and cost effective solution.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v4n1a2