Integrative Literature Review- Nursing Interventions in the Stress Control of the Family of the Sick Person in a Critical Condition
João Pedro Afonso Gonçalves; Silvina Maria da Costa Moura; Isabel Cristina Mascarenhas Rabiais

Aims: Identify which nursing interventions should be implemented in the stress control of the family of the sick person in a critical condition. Methods: Integrative literature review to explore the evidence of the last five years, using the EBSCOhost electronic search platform. Of the 67 articles found, 15 were considered potentially relevant, thus joining our sample. Results: The nursing interventions found in the literature were split into five areas of “action”. These include the need of nurses to assess the Family/ Caregivers Stress and family coping, implementing nursing interventions centered on each family, establishing an empathetic relationship and trust that facilitates and promotes family involvement in the care process as well as in the decision-making processes. They should also facilitate the communication with the family promoting active listening, informing them about the care of their relative, stating their support in this process, comforting them and fostering the development of coping mechanisms. Conclusions: The nurses should include the family of the person in critical condition in their care plan as stress and suffering control strategy. An approach based on this scientific evidence should be tested and validated in future studies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v4n1a5