Patients` Experiences and Needs with Lifestyle Counselling in Family Practices
KadriKööp1 RN. MSc; TiinaTõemets RN. MSc; Ruth Kalda, MD. PhD

Lifestyle counselling in family practices is the main strategy for influencing the risk factors of lifestyle-related chronic diseases and it requires a partnership with the patient. Health care workers acknowledge that patientside barriers are the main obstacles to efficient lifestyle counselling. The aim of the study was to describe patients’ experiences and needs with lifestyle counselling in family practices. Data was collected through semistructured interviews. The sample (n=15) consisted of patients from two family practices who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes or hypertension or had cardiovascular disease risk. To analyse the data, an inductive content analysis method was used. Counselling must be patient-centred, based on the patient`s needs and individual peculiarities and should not be general. Mere talking is not sufficient, the patient`s motivation must be found and strengthened. In order to favour patient centred nursing aid, it is necessary to enhance the counselling abilities through motivational interviewing methodology based counselling training.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v4n2a10