Assessment of Depression and Its Contributing Factors among Undergraduate Nursing Students
Eman Dawood, Rufa Mits , Hind Al Ghadeer , Fatimah Alrabodh

Depression is one of the foremost causes of social exhaustion worldwide. Nursing is a stressful profession, it is essential to scrutinize psychiatric morbidity among nursing students as various psychiatric disorders first onset is typically during study period. The aim of this study was to assess the level of depression and itscontributing factors among Saudi nursing students. A descriptive correlation, cross sectional research design was utilized in this study on a convenience sample of 149 nursing students, who gave voluntary consent to participate in the study. The data collection instruments used were a demographic data sheet and Beck’s Depression Inventory. Subjects were assured the confidentiality and anonymity of the collected data. The result’s revealed 1.3% of the participants experienced extreme depression, 4.7% experienced severe depression, 8.1 % experienced moderate depression, 18.1% experienced mild mood disturbance, and (65.1%) had moderate normal mood. A significant relationship was evident between positive family history of depression or any psychiatric disorder, physical illness, consultation with a psychiatrist and level of depression. Therefore, it is obvious that along with physical health mental health of nursing students should also be given importance based on which the students may reflect and find healthy solutions for their distress.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v4n2a6