Effectiveness of an Educational Program Regarding Nursing Process on Acquiring Advanced Skills among Internship Nursing Students
Lamiaa Ismail Keshk, Shereen Ahmed Ahmed Qalawa, Noha Mohammed Ibrahim

Background: Nursing process is a deliberate problem solving approach for meeting client's health care needs has been important to nursing practice for a long time. Aim: To evaluate the effect of applying an educational Program regarding nursing process on Acquiring Advanced skills among internship nurse's students. Subject and methods :Quasi-experimental research design carried out on 69 purposive sample of internship student nurses in 2017-2018 internship year collected by using two validated reliable adopted tool from Qanowe , 2004 , the first tool contains sociodemographic data sheet related to internship students age , gender , department , hospitals , the second tool related to student's assessment skills sheet it contains 12 parts divided into 4 main parts related to personal & professional qualifications followed by 6 parted related to nursing process and 2 parts related to personal skills and abilities with totally 83 items. Results reflected that there are a statistically level of knowledge among the internship nursing students regarding steps of nursing processes after the educational program implementation compared with unsatisfactory level before educational program implementation. Also, there is an improvement of internship nursing students for nursing processes post of educational program implementation whereas the mean of total knowledge scores level before the program compared to after program implementation with a highly statistically significant difference. There was a strong positive correlation found among internship student nurses between leadership and management skills, learning and education , communication , security and safety, other skills and different steps of nursing processes with a highly statistically significant difference at post -implementation of educational program compared to pre- program implementation . Conclusion & recommendations: Based on study results the implementation of an educational program for internship nursing students on nursing process and its application benefits showed a remarkable increase and improvement of the internship students nurse 's satisfactory level of professionalism and personal qualifications and acquiring the ultimate positive and noticeable improvement in the nurse's advanced acquired skills towards Profession and personal attitude , learning , management and leadership , communication , security and safety , and other professional skills as computer using , critical thinking , problem solving .There are an obvious needs for routinely refreshment program on nursing processes offered on simple media to internship nursing students to minimize work hazards. Efforts should be carried out to design and implement interventions that suit the hospital rules and policies regarding application of nursing processes.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v5n2a4