The Effectiveness of Training Workshop in Changing the Tutors’ Knowledge and Attitude towards the Integration of Problem Based Learning into Nursing Curriculum
Faiza A.Abou-El-Soud, Rn, PhD; Hanem F. Mohamed, RN, PhD; Jyothi Prince, RN, PhD

Background: PBL is a self-directed learning method that helps learner to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills and enhance their aptitude. Aim: The aim of the present study was to measure the effectiveness of training workshop in changing the tutors’ knowledge and attitude towards the integration of PBL into nursing curriculum. Method: A quasi-experimental design with pre and post-test was used to examine the objectives of the study. A self-report questionnaire was used to collect data from a convenience sample of 78 nursing faculty from two settings; College of Nursing-Riyadh (CON-R), KSA and College of Nursing-Tanta (CON-T), Egypt. Results: The participants’ mean scores of knowledge and attitude were improved from pre-test to post-test in each setting and there was a statistical significant differences in the mean score of knowledge and attitude between CON-R and CON-T. Lack of PBL training, and information, and lack of experts in PBL were reported as barriers for implementing PBL among participants. In addition, participants reported satisfaction with the training workshop and indicated that the gained information were effective and raised their interest to implement this strategy in their classes. Conclusions and Recommendation:The workshop was effective to change the tutors’ knowledge and attitude towards the integration of PBL in their classes. Implementing such a teaching strategy is important to move from the traditional way of thinking. More research is needed to investigate visibility and applicability of PBL as a new teaching strategy in the field of nursing.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v5n2a9