Evidence Based Practice Journey: An Implementation Program Initiative Promoting Safety, Healthcare Quality and Patient Outcomes
Reem Magadmi, MSHM, RN; Adahlia Tagalag Basco, Ed. D, MAN, RN; Ahmad Abu Jaber, MHSM, RN, Dip HCQM, CPHQ, CPPS; Abdellatif Nader Said, RN, CPHQ

Today, Evidence-based practice has become a commonly used term in health care. It is important for nurses to know what it meant, how it is use, and how important it is in protecting patient safety. Committed to transform the hospital to deliver quality patient care through adaptation of practice based on evidence. Nursing Department initiated the Evidence Based Practice Program. To commence the program initially, materials that will guide EBP program implementation were created including EBP Guidelines and pathway educating nurses to be aware of evidence-based practice benefits for patient, nurses and healthcare delivery by integrating best available scientific knowledge combined with nursing clinical expertise. Nursing EBP team composed of an appointed Nursing Evidence Based Practice and Research Coordinator. Council was organized that consist of Chair, Co- Chair, Coordinator and members from different clinical unit called as EBP champions. Evidence based practice model was created in reference from the hospital capabilities, support system and resources to start the journey and in the long run achieve desired outcome that EBP can offer utilizing a framework of Input- Process-Output Model. Educational session and training workshop were provided initially to encourage the newly organized EBP council. Initial result after a year of this initiative, produces 9-unit approved project proposals out 16 units and commence with the piloting phase with remaining proposal still in the process of appraising evidences.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v6n2a1