Engagement with Family in Critical Care Units: A Qualitative Study
Fahd Dibsh, Bander Gohal, Hind Kherat

Objective: family is an important aspect of the health care system and their role can't be eliminated. In critical care units, the patient often can't effectively communicate with care providers. Nurses are the most health workers to engage with the family in these departments. Thus, this study conducted to understand the perception of nurses in critical care units about the miscommunication issues with family. Methodology: 20 nurses from three different hospitals in Saudi Arabia were interviewed using semi-structured method. Findings: by analyzing the data using the constant comparative method, several subthemes were grouped under four main themes in which individual factors include emotions, background, experience, language, general knowledge and confidence. The organizational factors involve the role of nurses and the general policy of the hospitals as the communicational barriers. Information distribution, seeking and access were grouped under the information process theme. Further, the study found some aspects related to social factors such as expectations, cultural issues, anticipations and awareness.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v6n2a10