Effect of Practicing Sitting Pelvic Tilt Exercise on the Intensity of Pregnancy-related Lumbopelvic Pain
Abeer Salah Ali Mohamed, Nahed Fikry Hassan Khedr, Eman A. Fadel Elsherbiny

Background: Lumbopelvic pain is frequent and disabling condition in pregnancy and causing problems in everyday activities, such as walking, lifting, climbing stairs and sitting. Aim: To evaluate the effect of practicing sitting pelvic tilt exercise on the intensity of pregnancy- related lumbopelvic pain. Subjects and Method:A quasi-experimental research design conducted on 70pregnant women with lumbopelvic pain who chosen by a purposive sample. Setting: The study carried out at Antenatal Clinics at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Mansoura University Hospital in Egypt. Tools of data collection: Two tools were used for data collection: Tool I: Structured Interview Schedule to assess the general characteristics, obstetric history of pregnant women and characteristics of lumbopelvic pain. Tool II: Numeric Rating Scale to assess the intensity of lumbopelvic pain pre and post intervention. Results: The findings of the present study illustrated that, there were highly statistically significant differences between the intensity of lumbopelvic pain Pre and post intervention (P< 0.001). Conclusion: The study hypothesis was accepted which indicated that practicing sitting pelvic tilt exercise during pregnancy had a positive effect on reducing the intensity of lumbopelvic pain. Recommendations: The present study findings recommended that, the pelvic tilt exercise should be performed regularlyas a part of the routine antenatal care.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v7n2a14