The Journey of Nursing Students in Clinical Practice? A Qualitative Study
Mawada A. Bafageeh, Yara T. AlAboud, Joudi T. AlAttas, Lamees S. Jenaid, Ghidaa A. Farea, Maram A. Banakhar

Background: Clinical supervision plays a key role in clinical practice. However, ineffective clinical supervision (i.e. evaluative rather than instructive) can have a negative impact on students‟ clinical learning experience. Study aim: This study explored the experiences of nursing students during their clinical practice. Method: Our study employed a qualitative descriptive research design, conducted with fourth year nursing students within the faculty of nursing. The data were collected by using three focus group interviews. The sample size consisted of sixteen student nurses based on data saturation, with the data analyzed using thematic analysis. Results: The analysis demonstrated that nursing students encountered several issues related to ineffective supervision during their clinical practice, i.e. a lack of availability of clinical instructors and the need to answer too many questions in front of patients. Conclusion: This study will prove beneficial for enhancing the baccalaureate nursing program at the faculty of nursing, as well as assisting course coordinators in improving their courses to successfully fulfil learning outcomes, so leading to increased student satisfaction.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v7n2a3