The İmpact of Pre-Surgical Anxiety to the Post-Surgical Pain of Patients that will have Cholecystectomy
Dilek GÜNEŞ, Meral ÖZKAN

The research was conducted to determine the effects of anxiety experienced before cholecystectomy on postoperative pain. Anxiety occurs temporarily orchronically in any person and can produce emotional reactions that increase the stress experienced by the patient. Therefore, it may cause more pain in the post operative period. Because the preoperative period is a stress fulevent that triggers certain emotional, cognitive and physiological responses of a patient. The researchwasdescriptiveandrelationshipseeking.The study sample consisted of 109 patients who had cholecystectomy surgery. The data was collected using Patient Identification Form, STAI and NRS. It's been found out that before cholecystectomy, the patients had experienced mild to moderate levels of anxiety. It's also been found out that as the preoperative state anxiety level increased, postoperative pain level decreased and as the trait anxiety level increased, postoperative pain level increased also. Perioperative anxiety is often overlooked, but is closely related to patient care. Pre-operative counseling and proper surgery training will help reduce preoperative anxiety, reduce postoperative pain, and improve the quality of care.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v8n2a7